Thursday, December 2, 2010

Too many mouths..

and not enough ears...

Native Banksia Seed Pod/cone


Clint said...

Beautiful and wondrous.

Lon said...

That is a beautiful message to give my friend!

God's Blessings to you sis, and your beautiful family!!!

From your brother in Christ!!!


deodate said...

So glad that you said what this picture was or the title would have made me think of a day at work or a meeting, ha-ha. Great picture, great caption. You always 'crack me up' Kaz.

Kaz said...

thanks guys :O)
so glad I make u smile

I love Banksias, I will have to find some in flower to show you their true beauty.
I dont know whether you have ever heard of the classic australian children's story called Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. In the 'Banksia Men' were the baddies.
Google "May Gibbs", not only was she a lovely writer, but a fantastically brilliant artist.