Monday, December 13, 2010

where I find peace and rest...


deodate said...

I can certainly understand that Kaz. Makes me feel that way just looking at the pictures. Glad to have you back.

Kaz said...

Thanks Andie :O)
I love to walk for miles and my poor kids have to tag along! Haha, but I think they enjoy it too (especially the treasure hunting amongst the flotsam and jetsam), although its the long walk back that it the killer!
I love the sound of the surf, sometimes a powerful and crashing, sometimes gentle and lapping, sometimes windy and wild
sometimes still and mild
but if the sun beats down to harshly, there is always a dip to be had in the sea, and squishing the toes in the sand, and splashing and fun.
the added bonus to it all is the myriad of wonders and finds you see on your way.

Clint said...

I agree there is nothing like the sea to calm and decompress the pent-up worldly cares. It's like the rhythmic pounding of the surf, with the constant sea breeze, is washing away at the soul. Gosh I wish I was at the shore right now.

Kaz said...

mmm dreamy! :O)
Im going to go dream of the sea side I think... and hope :O)
Bless ya Clint! have a blessed day!

Lon said...

I would love it if my wife and I could walk along with!!!

God Bless!!!