Sunday, November 28, 2010


on glass


Clint said...

Well, thanks a lot. :) Now I'm gonna spend the day trying to figure out what this is. A steamy shower with droplets on the glass? An underwater shot through glass? Looking skyward through a foggy, wet window?

Excellent! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I like this photo, this is some good art!

God's Blessings to everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

The shades of blue are so beautiful. It is a special 'eye' that sees the beauty of rain.

Kaz said...

Haha Clint, you crack me up :O)
I suppose I could have been more specific...
I was sitting in my car while my boys did "active after school sports" - baseball.
I was a little bored, it was raining, and I just happened to have my camera. So I thought I would see if I could take a photo of the raindrops on the windscreen.
I hope that puts your mind at rest now Clint :O)

Kaz said...

Rain is very common where I live, there is a running joke that it rains for 11 months of the year here, and drips of the trees for the other month :O)
We have been getting a lot of rain this spring, and not much sunshine, although it hit 35 degrees Celsius last Monday and Tuesday, but today it is only going to be about half of that, and two of my sons have swimming lessons this morning... brrrrr

Maybe you can post some snow photos on your blogs when the falls begin :O) I would love to see

Blessings to You all today and everyday to come... Thanks for your appreciation and encouragements

Love, your sister in Christ