Tuesday, November 30, 2010


and look and see

and enjoy


deodate said...

So real I can smell the fratrance and feel the gentle petal tickle my nose.

Kaz said...

yes the tickle and the aroma :O)
...its not very easy trying to take a photo when you are smelling a rose :O)
multitasking is not for whimps LOL

Lon said...

That is a beautiful flower, I love the wonderful fragrance that flowers give out, and I like the softness that they represent!

God's Blessings to you sis, and your beautiful family!!!

Your brother in Christ!!!


Clint said...

Beautiful pictures!

We bought some hybrid rose bushes for our patio---they produce gorgeous roses---pink, deep red and white---but the process of breeding them has left them WITHOUT a scent! I love the smell of a rose, but can't experience it here at home.

Kaz said...

oh bummer!
Im sorry you are missing the aroma... maybe you should go aromatic rose hunting for at least one smell in your patio