Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Deadly Australian...

found dead

perpetrators praised at it's passing...

Australian Mainland Tiger Snake


Kaz said...
for a bit more "deadly Aussie" info.

Tiger snakes are very common where we live. Snake bites are common, but thankfully there is a good anti-venom which prevents many deaths.

As to the photos.... ugly but interesting :O)

deodate said...

Oh Kaz, it's way too early here to see this. At first (when it was alive), I didn't like it. And then, then when it was dead, I felt really bad. Wow - what a mess I am.

Clint said...

Watch where you step! I have no problem with snakes---it's spiders that give me the willies.

Kaz said...

Sorry Andie :O(
but the truth is... there are somethings I just wouldnt be crazy enough to get this close to when they are alive!!!
And I do find it interesting to be able to look closer, not as at something to be feared, but rather as at something that is an amazingly intricate part of God's Creation.

Clint, I agree... its the spiders that freak me... especially when out of no where they are hanging from a thread right in front of your nose... or worse still- are crawling on you! eeeeek!